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Patrol Members

Patrol Leader
Mitchell Walker
Member No 3
Sippy Madlakamela
Member No 5
Anthony Walton
Patrol Second
Mitchell Terblanche
Member No 4
Sippy Madlakamela
Member No 6

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Hot List

Sandton Scouts Sandton Girl Guides
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Contact Information

Postal address
P O Box 65313, Benmore, South Africa, 2010
Electronic mail address
Web address

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results of all competitions

Best Cooks in the District (we won the District Cooking Competition for 1998 and 1999, 2005, 2006)

Winners of the Valley of Waves Competition

Best turnout for Father and Sons camp

Best Campers in the District (we won the District Camping Competition for 1999)

Best Patrol (we won the Patrol of the Year award for 2006)

Star Patrol Award for 1997, 1998

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Biographical Information

July 1967
Cobras Patrol was first established in 1967 but was disbanded in 1987.
25 September 1997
Cobras was re-established. under the leadership of P/L Matthew Smith
            in 2001 Mathew Smith was promoted to Troop Leader and Gertho van Rooyen  took over as Patrol Leader.
  in January 2003 Brett Bennett became acting P/L.
  in October 2003 Michael Cockerill became P/L
  in May 2004 Sash Hale became P/L 
            in November  2007 Mitchell Walker became P/L
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From Left:  Photo of patrol in uniform

Photo of patrol in casual dress

Photo of patrol in camp uniform

each patrol activity must have a photo for website

Cobra collage


Our Patrol

Our LDYC Patrol Camp

Our Disselboom Patrol Camp

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