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The 1st PARKMORE Cub Pack consists of 3 Sixes totalling 18 boys.

Brown Six Red Six Yellow Six  

We have 2 adult leaders as well parents who help with administration etc.

Parkmore Cub Pack used to consist of 2 packs. Parkmore Red Pack & Parkmore Green Pack.   In 1987 due to the Green Pack Akela emigrating to the UK the two Packs were amalgamated. We intend starting an additional pack subject to sufficient adult help as we have 6 boys on our current waiting list.

Ann Ellis was the Akela until 1988 when Pat Franklin took over as Akela. Pat emigrated to Australia in 1988 and Sheila Arnold became the Akela. In 1992 Jenny Evans became the Akela. In 1997 Sylvia Crichton took over as Akela. In 2000 Barbara Hale became Akela. In 2002  Johann Ollewagen known as Ollie (Alias "Superman") became Akela. In 2004 Tracy Hyland became our acting Akela. in 2006 Maureen Terblanche became our acting Akela.

We are Looking for a Permanent  Akela (Please we are desperate!!!!!!).

In 2004 Nicolas Jelonek and David Midgley achieved their Leaping Wolf Badge.

In 2005 Michael Brooke and Ross Butler achieved their Leaping Wolf Badge.

In 2006 Josh van Zyl, Mitchell Terblanche, Matthew Trusler & Vinnie Mazzola achieved their Leaping Wolf Badge.

We had 2 Cubs going up to Scouts in 2007.

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